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When to use Staff Augmentation

The most traditional model to getting staff for companies is to hire it directly. However, doing Staff Augmentation (SA) can be a good approach when certain scenarios are considered.

6 Scenarios when Staff Augmentation is a good idea

When to use Staff Augmentation
When to use Staff Augmentation

  • When an employee leaves the company this will cause a gap in the workforce, which is totally related to the capacity of doing the project as it was estimated.

Therefore, SA is a good option because it can help the company to avoid slowing down the workflow so the deadlines still can be reached.

  • The company starts a new project but it doesn’t count with the amount of staff required or with the knowledge in their in-house team.

In this case, getting Staff Augmentation services can work because it gives the company the opportunity to increase or decrease the team size as the workflow demands.

  • The company is willing to gather a permanent dream team. This means that a lot of time is going to be taken until the right candidates are found and hired.

SA works great here because the company can focus on the exhausting process of getting the right candidates but at the same time it can keep on doing the tasks required.

  • A startup requires staff but doesn’t want to invest time and resources in all the recruitment processes.

As it is known, the recruitment process, even more, if the staff is related to the IT sector, is getting harder and harder every day. Hence, Staff Augmentation is a good idea to avoid recruitment time and money.

SA works awesome in this scenario because all legal issues are in charge of the Staff Augmentation service provider.

Thus SA can help the startup in-house team to carry out the MVP so the lack of certain talent or enough hands is not a problem.

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