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Nearshore software development
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Software Development

Nearshore software development

Dedicated Teams On Demand

We create dedicated teams of developers to accomplish our partners' goals based on their specific requirements.

Although we don't work under a scope-based approach, we estimate all the software development projects we work on.

​To accurately estimate the projects, we use a Story Point (SP) methodology, which allows us to have a solid idea of the initial project duration and budget.

With the SPs, we can determine the right team to work on the project (Seniority and number of developers).

Once the team is defined, we are able to commit to an average team's performance measured in SPs/Sprint.​

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Dedicated Teams
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We are a Software Boutique that offers Bespoke Software Development, InfoSec, Fractional CTO,  and Recruitment services for third-party companies around the world.

Security Assessment
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Continuous Security Assessments

Dedicated Security Hacking Teams on Demand

What we do

- Our teams will perform the Risk Analysis of the Initial Requirements Specs for creating and developing your software. 

- We help to write better and safer code by doing Secure Code Review.

- We Review every Input Field of your Software by Applying Dynamic Security Testing. 

- Our team will make sure that the software components used are free from vulnerabilities, licensing issues, or other potential risks by doing Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Selection.

Who is this for

Our Security Hacking Team Service is for all the companies that develop software.

Our service can help the development of banking, fintech, education, healthcare, transport, and gaming, among others. Nobody should develop software with vulnerabilities.

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Why we do it

Code review is a critical process in the software development life cycle (SDLC)​

Helps mitigate the number of delivered defects in code,  reduces bugs and vulnerabilities

It’s a proven method to find easter eggs and logic bombs

Improve consistency

and maintainability

Improves knowledge and productivity of the development team


Improve ROI by making processes more efficient and more secure

Decrease the time developers spend fixing late-stage defects

How we do it

Nearshore software development

1. Our Security hacking leader will help the Product Owner and the ideation team (Tech leader and UX leader) to conceptualize a secure product idea. 

2. Once the UI/UX team has made the mocks, wireframes, and functional requirements, our Security Hacking Team will make a secure review to identify any security issue derived from this stage.

3. The Tech Lead presents the software architecture to the Security Hacking Team in order to identify any security issues before the software is developed. 

4. Before the software goes through the QA Assessment, the Security Hacker Team will check the PRs in order to detect security issues in the code. 

5. With Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), our team will review the software in staging and production environments.

Why we do SAST
How we do SAST
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Fractional CTO
En una reunión

If you have a small or medium size company and have wondered:  how can I get a talented CTO without paying a ton of money? Or, why must I pay a full-time CTO if I only need them a few hours a week?  


The answer is FRACTIONAL CTO. 


A fractional CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is a  part-time or temporary CTO who gives a business on-demand strategic and technical guidance. 


To make sure that technological choices support and complement corporate goals and objectives, fractional CTOs collaborate closely with senior executives, product managers, and development teams.


They also manage the technical facets of product creation, such as infrastructure, security, and software development.


Fractional CTOs  can assist companies with a range of duties, including assessing new technologies, improving current technology systems, creating and implementing product roadmaps, building and managing technical teams, and offering technical expertise during fundraising or acquisition processes.

Fractional CTO

Nearshore software development
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Recruitment Services

Nearshore software development

We help our partners to find the best talents in Colombia.

Depending on the profile, our team filters the candidates based on technical (Online and Live tests) and psychological assessments.

The process also includes checking references and police records, so our partners can move forward with confidence in the hiring process.

Additionally, we offer legal consultancy services to help our partners to meet all requirements demanded by Colombian law and to elaborate solid contracts.

Finally, our company can supply equipment to the new employees in order to have everything ready to start working with our partners.

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