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it consulting services

IT Consulting

We provide consulting services in various areas of IT. We are to be your number one partner and work together to realize your projects.



Software Consulting Services

Software Project Management Consulting

Software Quality Assurance Consulting

Software Consulting Services

With this service, our expert software architects and Software development leaders will help you with:

Software Stack Assessment:

We delve into your existing software infrastructure, evaluating its performance, scalability, security, and overall efficiency.


Our analysis helps identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to recommend optimal solutions to enhance your software stack.

Software Architecture and Redesign:

We will focus on creating robust, scalable, and future-proof software structures that align with your business goals.

Enhancement of your SDLC: 

We optimize your development processes, methodologies, and workflows. Our experts closely examine each phase of the SDLC, identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement.

Our engineers will be always aware of any technical blocking your developers may have in order to help them to move forward as soon as possible. 

software consulting
Project management consulting

Software Project Management Consulting

Successful software projects require effective management from inception to completion.


With our project management consulting service, our team of experts will work hand in hand with your employees to structure your project within a framework of agile methodologies. 

Our goal is to develop tailored project plans, define milestones, and show you how to manage resources performance.

Our purpose with this service is to help you getting accurate estimates regarding duration and budget, tracking your team's performance and improving communication between all the stakeholders. 

Software Quality Assurance Consulting

Quality is the cornerstone of any successful software endeavor.

With our Software Quality Assurance consulting service, our team of experts will mentor your QA testers to structure and refined your QA process.


Through our comprehensive testing mentorship, we guide you to successfully identify potential issues, recommend improvements, manage effective communication between the stakeholders and ensure your software meets the highest standards before deployment. 

software quality assurance consulting
fractional cto

Fractional CTO

If you have a small or medium-sized company and have wondered:  how can I get a talented CTO without paying a ton of money? Or, why must I pay a full-time CTO if I only need them a few hours a week?  


The answer is FRACTIONAL CTO. 


A fractional CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is a  part-time or temporary CTO who gives a business on-demand strategic and technical guidance. 


To make sure that technological choices support and complement corporate goals and objectives, fractional CTOs collaborate closely with senior executives, product managers, and development teams.


They also manage the technical facets of product creation, such as infrastructure, security, and software development.


Fractional CTOs can assist companies with a range of duties, including assessing new technologies, improving current technology systems, creating and implementing product roadmaps, building and managing technical teams, and offering technical expertise during fundraising or acquisition processes.

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