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Case Studies

We are a Software Boutique that offers Bespoke Software Development, InfoSec, IT Consulting, and Recruitment services for third-party companies around the world.

  1. CodeBranch in a B2B Marketplace Company

This is an ongoing project. We have a dedicated development team that is in charge of developing new features and maintaining the web application.

We have been working hand in hand with this American company for more than two years after they worked with several vendors without success.

With our work, they were able to “made sales exponentially easier, unlocking product led growth and self service for us in a way that we just didn't have before.” 

We have made an excellent team with this company, the founder found us, in his own words, “CodeBranch team has been an invaluable resource for us” and, “What CodeBranch offered us was the consistency, performance, dedication and level of care that an in house team member offers with the scalability and service of an agency which was the perfect combination for us and one I'd highly recommend for others.”

2. CodeBranch in a Software Company

A software company partnered with Code Branch to create a web3 proof of concept application. Our tasks included frontend development, wallet integration, and management feature development.

The outcome of this project was that within a few weeks, CodeBranch delivered a fully-functioning proof of concept with a well-implemented design. 

The CEO of this project thinks, “The greatest feature about working with Code Branch was their responsiveness to feedback and communication.”

Trabajando en la computadora portátil

3. CodeBranch in a Software Development Company

This is an ongoing project. A software development company from California wanted to develop a platform that manage and drive the tools they were developing.

Code Branch has been successfully progressing the project within the client's schedule. They provide daily updates and hold weekly meetings, keeping everyone informed about the process and effectively addressing all blockers. 

Programador de software

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