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Software Development for Industries

We create dedicated teams of developers to accomplish our partners' goals in any industry. Find on this page some examples. 

Case Study #3
App Testing Services for Cybersecurity Company

App Testing services Code Review

Services Provided


Quality  "Best quality."

Cost " Competitive and standard at market values."

Schedule  "It was fast and with quality."

Willing to refer "Yes, we would recommend it.

"The project was a success, thanks to Code Branch's help. The team completed the project on time with international quality standards. The client was impressed by the team's expertise" CEO, THE EAGLE LABS International.


CodeBranch was hired by this company to conduct an OS-SAST App Security Testing Code Review.



CodeBranch made automated SAST using state-of-the-art automated tools that use a large database of software bugs and best practices Manual SAST that helps to:

a. Identify if the automated solution presents a false positive.

b. Identify business logic flaws.

c. Identify easter eggs.

d.Identify logic bombs.


- "The results are confidential, but we can say that it was a great success."  CEO, The Eagle Labs International.

"It was quite effective, they finished according to the agreed schedule and with international quality standards." CEO, The Eagle Labs International.


"The company has the certifications to be able to develop their services expertly." CEO, The Eagle Labs International.

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