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We are a Software Boutique that offers Bespoke Software Development, InfoSec, and Recruitment services for third-party companies around the world.


Our headquarters are located in the Special District of Science, technology, and innovation, Medellín - Colombia.

Colombia's time zone is aligned with EST or CST depending on the season. This is why we can work comfortably with companies all over North America. 


Code Branch's team members are spread in different cities along the country.


Our team experience
Developing software 

Our team has been working in software development for more than 15 years.

The use of different technologies is part of our DNA, this is due to the different characteristics of the several projects we have worked on.

With the passing of time, we've refined our working methodology; allowing us to be more efficient and provide higher quality products.


Our team experience
in InfoSec



Our InfoSec team members have worked in the banking, governmental, real estate, airlines, healthcare, and education sectors.

Besides SAST - SCA, our team has extensive experience in DAST and Reversing.


Our team
recruiting in the IT field.


Our team has been recruiting talents in Colombia for more than 10 years.

We have experience recruiting different positions, from C-levels to junior profiles in the IT world. 

Additional to the recruitment tasks, we have developed extensive knowledge of the hiring process under Colombian laws.



Maximum Concurrent accounts cap

We set a 10 maximum concurrent client accounts policy in order to guarantee the best service for our partners.

In Code Branch, all of our partners are VIPs and we want to keep it that way. 

With this policy, our partners can be sure that their companies and projects will always be in hands of people that really care.



Contact Us

We are ready to help you with any Firmware or Software development, SAST, or Recruitment services.

Get in touch with us and feel free to write or speak in any of our human languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

Medellín - Colombia


Tel. (+57) 318 275 3662

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