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Software Development for Industries

We create dedicated teams of developers to accomplish our partners' goals in any industry. Find on this page some examples. 

Case Study # 5  
QA and Code
Review for a
Cybersecurity company

QA and Code review. CodeBranch case study

Describe CodeBranch project management. 

R/: The project management was completely successful and the deliverables were delivered on time. They responded to all our needs.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

R/: The work team and the experience they have is the most surprising thing about CODEBRANCH, we really like the attention to requests.


Quality "The quality of the service is excellent."

Cost "It is according to the market."

Schedule "With Clickup it has been possible to meet deadlines and deliveries"

Willing to refer "We recommend it. They are excellent."

A cybersecurity company has hired Code Branch to oversee their web and mobile app development project. CodeBranch manages QA and code review tests and provides support for the client's UI/UX design team.


Kiggu is a leading cybersecurity company that offers an automated platform to simplify consulting processes in ethical hacking, vulnerability analysis and management, vulnerability scanning, web application services, web application scanning, static, and Spearfish code testing. 

The scope of the project with CodeBranch is to carry out the project management, and coordination of the developers´ team, ensure that the QA is done successfully, as well as the static code review tests. Additionally, support the UX/UI design team.




What specific goals or objectives did you hire Code Branch to accomplish?

  • Manage the project and the developer team

  • Quality code reviews

  • Code reviews at the cybersecurity level


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