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Software Development for Industries

We create dedicated teams of developers to accomplish our partners' goals in any industry. Find on this page some examples. 

Case Study # 1 CodeBranch in a B2B Marketplace Company

Services Provided


Quality "Outstanding engineers, next level care and a true business partner"

Cost "Their rates are on the higher side for Colombia but definitely worth it and provides strong value as a business partner"

Schedule "We have recurring meetings but they're always available pretty much 24/7"

Willing to refer "Highly recommend"

"What CodeBranch offered us was the consistency, performance, dedication, and level of care that an in-house team member offers with the scalability and service of an agency which was the perfect combination for us and one I'd highly recommend for others.”  Founder of a B2B Marketplace company.

b2b marketplace - Case Studie


A B2B software marketplace had been working with several vendors, and none of them had worked out. They partnered with Code Branch to act as their engineering partner for their incoming projects.

The team has scaled to have 3x senior, 1x mid-senior, and 1x junior engineers fully dedicated to the project and a lead engineer who serves as a part-time CTO. This is an ongoing project work that uses bi-weekly sprints. 



"Our project is ongoing and continuous and the team has built tons and tons of successful features for us over the past year or so that we've been working together.


One that comes to mind is our memberships portal which previously we manually handled both in terms of billing and also in terms of activating membership features on member accounts to unlock them."

Company's founder


- "Codebranch serves as a true business partner to poke holes in your requirements, propose better solutions, and even provide unique insights and ideas without being asked about them." Company's founder


 - "CodeBranch not only has automated tons of the manual tasks required to manage the memberships side of the business but it also made sales exponentially easier unlocking product-led growth and self-service for us in a way that we just didn't have before." 

Company's founder

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