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Software Development for Industries

We create dedicated teams of developers to accomplish our partners' goals in any industry. Find on this page some examples. 

Case Study # 2
Custom Software Development for Electrical Solutions Agency

development for electrical agency - CodeBranch Case Studies

Services Provided


Quality "Overall experience was really good"

Cost "I find their value proposition really competitive"

Schedule "Some times estimates had deviations"

An electric solutions company hired Code Branch to create a budget control system. The software would quote unitary price analysis, help purchase supplies, and control the budget.


This company hired CodeBranch to develop its budget control system. This application sits on top of their ERP and helps quote with unitary price analysis, helps buy supplies, and controls budget.



"We like the way Codebranch approaches business, at some point, they were suggesting features and discussing solutions rather than passively building our requirements." CEO of an electrical solutions company

"Initial meetings were difficult because we had a vision of what we wanted but we didn't know how to achieve it. So we had about 3 sessions trying to figure out the best solution." CEO of an electrical solutions company


"After those sessions, we had an initial requirements draft and they started to provide mock-ups and wireframes. " CEO of an electrical solutions company


- "We managed to get our projects in control, and now we have a tool that allows us to quote projects faster and also control supply operations."  CEO of an electrical solutions company


 - "I really liked their approach and they have become a part of our team."  CEO of an electrical solutions company

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