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Software Development for Industries

We create dedicated teams of developers to accomplish our partners' goals in any industry. Find on this page some examples. 

Case Study #15
ame Development with Crypto Integration

The project consists of developing a web video game integrated with the crypto ecosystem. 

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Video Game

- Java Script

- React

- Phaser.JS

- Web3

- Nest.JS

- Next.JS

- Smart Contract

The project is ongoing, the team has been composed of 2 Senior Developers + PM + Technical leader

The technologies used in this project are:

Services Provided


This ongoing project consists of:

- Web videogame for desktops that allows  two players simultaneously

- Videogame that allows cryptocurrency transactions as a part of the game experience

- To play, the game extracts information from nfts.



CodeBranch is currently working on this project, which consists of developing a web videogame integrated with the crypto ecosystem. 

In the video game, two players can participate and make cryptocurrency transactions, in this game two impressive and fun worlds come together, gaming and crypto.


In this fun game the characters are taken from NFTs, making it more and more interesting. 


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