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How we work

In this section, we show you what the steps are when you decide to work with Codebranch. 
We build and manage development teams to deliver on time and budget.

Reunión de trabajo

Discovery Sessions

The discovery session is a key step in any successful project. It's an opportunity to get to you, understand your goals and challenges, and align on a shared vision for the project. During the session, asking open-ended questions, we'll be actively listening to your responses, and taking detailed notes.


This will help us to structure a work plan that meets your needs and sets us up for success.

MSA and initial SOW 

One of the crucial steps in our software development process is the signing of the Master Services Agreement (MSA) and an initial Statement of Work (SOW).

The MSA establishes the foundational terms and conditions that govern the overall relationship between our company and the client, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding on critical aspects such as confidentiality, intellectual property, and payment terms.


The initial SOW, on the other hand, outlines the specific project scope, deliverables, timelines, and costs for the first phase of the collaboration. This dual-signature approach ensures that both parties are aligned and committed to a successful partnership from the outset.

La firma de un contrato
Sala de reuniones de negocios

Product Design,
Project Structuring, and
Tech Definitions

In this step, we transform a project idea into a fully design product.

During this phase, we meticulously analyze the project requirements to extract detailed development tasks, estimate the project's scope, and define the necessary team skill sets and size.


This involves outlining the project's objectives, breaking down tasks into manageable components, and determining the best technologies and frameworks to be used.

Our team collaborates closely with the client to ensure that the technical approach aligns perfectly with their business goals. This thorough preparation sets a strong foundation for the development phase, reducing risks and facilitating a smoother execution.

msa sow
prod design


This phase focuses on identifying and hiring the right talent to match the specific requirements of the project. We start by defining the necessary skill sets and experience levels needed, based on the project's technical and functional needs.

Each candidate undergoes a rigorous selection process, including technical assessments and interviews, to ensure they possess the expertise and cultural fit required for successful project execution.

By assembling a skilled and dedicated team, we ensure that we have the right people in place to deliver high-quality results.

Additionally, as a complementary service once the project is structured, our DevOps team can start putting in place the infra and, CI/CD mechanisms so developers can start writing code as soon as they start working on the project. 

entrevista de trabajo
Trabajando desde casa

List of Candidates

Once we have candidates who have passed our technical tests and personal interviews, we will present them to our partners. The report includes the monthly fee for that specific candidate.


If our partners want to meet the candidates, we coordinate the meeting as part of the process.

Approval of Candidates

If our partner approves the candidate, we will carry out a psychological assessment, references and police records check.


After receiving the green light from the psychologist, we will finish the enrolment process.

Sala de reuniones de negocios

Continuous SOW Updating

As the team works for ongoing projects, we will update the SOW when is needed to include every new resource added to the team.

list of candidates
cont sow


This step is a continuous work between the tech lead, the project manager, and the development team.

This is the heart of our work, where we find the appropriate architecture and development tasks.

We also actively work to solve technical and functional requirements questions and to provide missing information to keep the development continuously evolving and improving. 

consola de programación
Desarrollador de producto

QA Assessment and Iterations

In our software development company, the QA assessment phase is a crucial step to ensure the quality and reliability of our products.


During this phase, our team (in some cases our partner team too) meticulously tests the software to identify and rectify any bugs or issues that could impact the user experience.


This involves a combination of manual testing, automated testing, and performance testing to cover all possible scenarios and use cases.

After the QA the product is sent to the users to get de Feedback to improve the project continuously. 

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