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Tech Startups

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Tech startup
Tech startup

Back in 2019, during the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, it could be heard during the talks that every new company in the upcoming future would be a tech startup. With that sentence, they didn’t mean that the economy was only going to revolve around technological products, but that regardless of the product or service that startups were going to offer, they will use technology as one of their main elements. An example of this is Amazon, that during their very beginnings, they used to sell books but they used technology as their commercial differentiator.

Let’s review some examples of startups that don’t sell technology as the main product.

Delivery services tech startup: Rappi

Delivery services tech startup
Delivery services tech startup

Rappi is a super fast-growing LATAM startup. Indeed, it is the first Colombian Unicorn. When this company started, they basically offered delivery services (Food, drinks, and other stuff). The difference is that they built an app to connect customers with sellers (restaurants, drugstores, liquor stores, etc) and delivery people. This completely different approach has made Rappi is now spread in many LATAM countries becoming one of the strongest Tech Startups in the region.

Financial services tech startup: Nubank

Financial services tech startup
Financial services tech startup

Nubank is the biggest Fintech in LATAM. It was created in Brazil as an alternative to general banks which used to overcharge customers. This company offers credit services to people ( It’s a bank), however, they use technology as their main differentiator. This means that they are completely digital, so their customers can ask for credits and manage all matters related to it, through an app.

Recently, this tech startup was listed on Wall Street.

Educational services tech startup: Platzi

Educational services tech startup
Educational services tech startup

Platzi is an educational LATAM startup. Their goal is to help people to educate basically in coding skills and complementary subjects. We can compare Platzi to a regular academy, university, or technical institute, however, the main difference is that uses technology to offer these services completely online. This means, that despite they are selling courses, people can acquire and attend them completely remote.


  • Technology is here to let startups disrupt conventional markets. Even an Ice provider can use technology to offer a regular product in a completely different way.

  • Despite for startups tech knowledge is very important, other disciplines are vital too (Bussiness, marketing, sales, production, and specific technical knowledge for every particular case)

  • There is a huge demand for developers due almost every company require to invest in these matters now.

  • Companies have to become creative in their approaches to get development talents.

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