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Front end developer

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

The front end developer works the interface from the code point of view so that the user can interact with a system.

He receives all the documents resulting from the design stage and is in charge of translating them into code.

It is in charge of the visual part of the web. Designs the structure, colorimetry, banners, images, typography, among others.

He works on the client side, in the browser, on the side that is seen. While a backend developer works on the server side and processes the information received through the front end.

It is important that the front end developer takes into account the usability and readability of a web page or application. His work is really important, since for a web page to work it must have an attractive and intuitive design for the user.

Front End Developer: Main Functions

The following are some of the functions of a Front End Developer.

  • Translate designs to programming language.

  • Develop the visual part of the web.

  • Design the structure of the web.

  • Facilitate user navigation.

  • Take care of the external components of the website or web application.

What tools should a front end developer master?

A frontend developer must have a deep knowledge of programming languages that help him/her to design the user interface, such as for example:

  • HTML5: is a language that allows the construction of content in a way that standard browsers understand the information.

  • CSS3: It is the language used to define the appearance or style of a web. Apart from the necessary general knowledge, it is very useful to complement it with other tools that enhance and improve its use (the so-called CSS preprocessors) such as SASS or LESS.

  • Javascript: is the programming language that makes websites more attractive, that is to say, it allows a website to be dynamic and more attractive to the end user. Currently, javascript is normally used through development frameworks that allow many more functionalities. The most currently used are:

In addition to all of the above, a frontend developer must take into account other aspects related to the way the user perceives the web or mobile application:

  • The web or mobile app must support multiple browsers and mobile operating systems.

  • The loading time is very important for the user, if the web is heavy and takes a long time to load, the user will leave.

The web or mobile application design must be attractive and useful.

Although a frontend developer is not a designer, having knowledge and taste in design can help them improve in their daily work. However, many frontend developers end up specializing in UX Design, in addition to handling research and design tools.

Some challenges

The tasks of Front end developers are diverse, so these professionals face some challenges

  1. Loading time: According to several studies the loading time of your website can affect the conversion of your product. The Front end developer has to make sure that this time is optimized.

  2. Cross-browser functionality: Front end developers have to make sure that a website works correctly in all kinds of browsers.

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