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  • Jorge Andrés Mora

Bespoke Software

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Digital transformation is the new scenario where almost every company in the world is going to need bespoke software development services.

Bespoke Software development
Bespoke Software development

However, there are a lot of people that don’t understand yet what kind of bespoke software developments they may need for their companies. That’s why we will list 5 good examples next.

5 Examples of Bespoke Software Solutions

  1. Web Portals: This is one of the first steps in the digital transformation path most companies do. Every business has its own dynamic (B2C, B2B, C2C, Service-oriented, product-oriented, among others). That’s why the requirements on their customer-facing web portal are very specific for every company. In addition to customer-facing web portals, there are company-facing web portals. These kinds of portals are made for internal interaction between collaborators. That means that the customization possibilities are “uncountable”.

  2. Ecommerce: During pandemics, it has been shown that nowadays companies can use e-commerce as one of their primary income sources. Ecommerce sites may have lots of customizations, that's why bespoke software development could be required regarding the kind of company.

  3. Business process automation: One of the most important things in digital transformation is the automation of processes. That translates directly into efficiency which is going to improve the performance of companies therefore it will save money. Every company has its own process, therefore bespoke software development is needed for doing all customizations.

  4. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): These solutions are used more often in companies with complex operations. That means, customizations are required to parametrize existing software or in other cases, tailor-made software is required. ERP software is used for managing the resources inside a company.

  5. CRM (Customer Relationship Manager): Not all businesses have the same interaction between customers and the company. CRM works for managing these relationships. Different indicators regarding the kind of company may be required as well as managing the different kinds of interactions. Customizations may help to manage properly these interactions and get better results from the sales team.

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