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AI technologies can improve the social relationships that screens have damaged

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

AI technologies can improve the social relationships that screens have damaged

In our increasingly digitized world, the omnipresence of screens has fundamentally altered the dynamics of how we connect with one another. The convenience and accessibility offered by smartphones, tablets, and computers have undoubtedly transformed the way we communicate, but they have also ushered in a set of challenges that warrant reflection.

Nowadays technological leaders have an enormous responsibility to rethink the way that technology makes part of our everyday lives.

This blog explores the way the new thinkers of Humane, an AI Brand, picture the future of the interaction between humans and technology and how their motto has been to improve relations that screens have damaged.

Screens have facilitated instant communication across vast distances, connecting friends, family, and colleagues in real time. Video calls, social media, and messaging apps have bridged geographical gaps and allowed for continuous engagement.

Screens have also helped us to connect to the world in a way that has allowed us to understand and learn everything. We can move more easily with the maps apps, we can study and be in constant learning with the educational apps and podcast streaming apps, we can talk in other languages with translation apps and also capture all the great moments and landscapes our eyes see to be able of replay them whenever we wanted.

However, the flip side of this digital coin reveals concerns about the quality of our connections. The prevalence of screen-based communication sometimes replaces face-to-face interactions, potentially diminishing the richness of non-verbal cues and spontaneous exchanges that contribute to genuine understanding.

Moreover, the omnipresence of screens in social settings has led to the phenomenon of "phubbing" (phone snubbing), where individuals prioritize their devices over in-person conversations. This behavior can create a sense of disconnection, fostering a growing concern about the erosion of traditional social etiquette. As we become more engrossed in our screens, the art of active listening and meaningful dialogue may face new challenges.

New Thinkers for the AI Technologies

Although technology evolves rapidly, it is we, human beings, who drive all innovations with our deep need for connection.

That’s how Humane, a Software, hardware, and AI company has developed the new AI Pin, with their fundamental basis of “building innovative technology that feels familiar, natural, and human

They really think about how we need the interaction we have developed with the technology and take those interactions and create a device without screens thanks to the AI technology.

We love the HUMANE mission, we invite you to read it.

“Technology that improves the human experience and is born from good intentions.

Products that put us back in touch with ourselves, each other, and the world around us

Experiences that are built on trust with interactions that feel magical, and bring joy.

Humane was founded on the principle that we all deserve more from technology”

In this blog we wanted to invite the new generations of thinkers and developers to think out of the box and try to improve the connections and relations between humans and with ourselves.

The Perks we use the most in our mobiles or tablets are now screenless.

Perks like the camera, music player, translator, and phone are some of the advantages you can find in the AI Pin.

The AI PIn uses AI technology to listen to the orders you need and help you, here are some of the applications we find more useful.

Take photos and videos without missing a second of what's happening.

How many times in an attempt to inmortilized the best moment of our lives we lost that exact moment trying to grab our phones and take a picture, with AI technology of AI pin you just have to make the order to take a video or picture while the device is hanged in your jacket and you would be able to have both things, great moments and great pictures.

Ai Pin Ai technology

Listen to music with or without headphones with just a voice order

In our daily life, we must see screens even at times when only our ears are the ones that should be active. To play a song or a podcast we must leave reality and enter the screen of our mobile device.

With the AI technology of the AI Pin we only have to use our voice to give a command and the music is activated, also the device has a built-in speaker that allows us to listen to music without headphones.

In addition to this if we want to have a manual control we can activate the projector of the device and display it on our hand or other surface the command control and activate it with manual gestures.

 Ai technology

Searching for information on what is in front of you will no longer deprive you of your presence.

Artificial intelligence allows us to find information about the things we have in front of us with just a photo. This is for example how Google's AI works, Google Lens, which searches the web for what you are looking at, but again we have to take out our devices and immerse ourselves in the world of screens that usually leads us to something else on the cell phone and so we lose a lot of time.

This is one of the great perks of AI Pin because, with a voice command, you can ask the device to give you information about what you have in front of you, you can ask for nutritional information about the food you want to buy at the supermarket, the name of the restaurant in front of you or the distance from where you are to the bus stop.

Like these many other perks such as maps, simultaneous translator, weather indicator, and many more in this device that is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology and people.

In CodeBranch we can help you develop your AI projects, we are a software development boutique based in Colombia with more than 15 years of experience developing Software.

Ai Images Ai technology


Screens have given us a whole universe of knowledge, but they have also distanced us from reality and have caused us to deteriorate the relationships between people.

The company Humane working with AI Technology, launched its new AI Pin device has developed an element that has the best of the internet and artificial intelligence and allows us to connect more with other people since it has no screen.

From CodeBranch we want to congratulate HUMANE and challenge thinkers, inventors, and developers to put human relationships ahead in their creations.

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