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Twelve key entrepreneur questions that can enlighten your path

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Being an entrepreneur has to be a conscious decision, we have to be aware of what it takes to start a business, to be our own boss, to manage the time and the money, and sometimes to do things that we never thought possible.

I'm pretty sure that anyone can be an entrepreneur only if he or she has the love, patience and resilience to keep going despite all the ups and downs of this path.

One of the greatest habits in entrepreneurship is to surround ourselves with intelligent, positive and passionate business owners.

To make them our friends and mentors will help us to get new ideas, to start our network and to start to build a stronger mindset to begin our startup.

One important thing to do once we get to know these people is to ask them “entrepreneurs questions.”

What is an entrepreneur question? For us, an entrepreneur question are key questions that the answers can give you enlightenment, advice and will help you to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur.

In this blog we are telling you twelve ENTREPRENEUR QUESTIONS that would help you to address any conversation or interview with an entrepreneur. These conversations aim to discover things about yourself to make decisions and realize whether if you are ready or you really want to start your business.

1. What do you like the most about being an entrepreneur?

This entrepreneur question will show you the most amazing aspects of being an entrepreneur; most of them you can imagine but never underestimate what an experienced person can tell you and teach you.

Our advice is just to open your ears and heart and listen. Pay attention to the pros of being an entrepreneur and contrats this information with your dream job.

2. How did you start your business?

This entrepreneur question is great to show you the path of entrepreneurship; although each entrepreneur can start differently, the answer to this question can enlight you for starting your own business.

Most people need help figuring out where to start and the answer is in the experienced entrepreneurs.

3. What do you have to do in your company?

This entrepreneur question is key to show you how much effort entrepreneurs have to put in their business; the majority of them usually start doing everything in the company since being de CEO to be the operational force, the delivery man, amog others.

Are you aware of all the thighs you will have to do in order to get your dream? Are you willing to do it?

4. What are the skills you have used the most in the entrepreneur path?

This entrepreneur question is important because to become one is strictly necessary to have some skills. Of course, none of us is perfect and there will be skills that you won't have, in this case is important for you to be aware of your lacks and work on improving them.

5. What skills did you have to improve to follow this route?

This entrepreneur question will show you that business owners are not born; they become one studying, iterating and learning in this process.

The question you should make to yourself is: Are you willing to study more?

6. What have been your greatest achievements in the business field?

7. How do you overcome when any of your ideas or initiatives fail?

This is one of the most important entrepreneur questions; being the owner of a startup force you to be resilient and to stand up 1000 times if you fall.

8. What's the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur?

9. What is the next step you are going to take in your company?

Sometimes entrepreneurs get stuck in the route and settle for what they have achieved. It is important always to have goals to oblige us to move forward.

10. How do you measure progress in your company?

It's super important to measure your progress in the company you own because, due to the multiple tasks you have to do, you can forget to do it. Without numbers, it is impossible to analize what your needs are to keep growing or to make important decisions.

11. What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a startup?

Just take all you can of the answer to this question.

12. Can anyone start a business?

Just listen, but be critical and don’t take anything personally. If you want, you can become an entrepreneur.

In this blog you can find more questions do ask to experienced entrepreneurs.


For an aspiring entrepreneur it is important to surround yourself with experienced people, listen to them and ask them the right questions to get accurate information.

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