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Software developer | All you need to know

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

It’s interesting that when you type Software Developer on Google, what the browser shows you is information related to jobs around this profession, how much money a software developer earns, and how to become one.

This happens because software development is a highly demanded trending profession that in case a person is good at it, practically he/she will be able to count on a very good income for the upcoming years.

A software developer is a person in charge of developing software for different purposes.

Web development, mobile development, desktop development, etc; are different categories of software development.

What is software

What is software
What is software

Modern computers are capable of performing millions of different tasks, but their basic operating principle is the same regardless of their function.

Software programs are the collection of instructions that tell a computer what to do.

These instructions are colloquially called computer programs, but the term software is more precise because it refers to the entire set of programs, procedures, and routines associated with the operation of a system.

The term was coined to differentiate these instructions from the hardware—i.e., the physical components of a computer system.

How to become a software engineer or software developer

How to become a software engineer
How to become a software engineer

1. Planning your path:

Before starting it’s useful to plan and define a roadmap for your process.

How long are you going to study before applying for jobs? Which technologies are you going to focus on? Which complementary skills do you have to develop for being a competitive developer?

These are questions that have to be answered beforehand.

2. Educate yourself:

Nowadays there are different ways to access knowledge. Going to a university, doing certificates, taking online courses on academies, Youtube, and others.

Choose the studying method that works best for you. Deal with frustration and always try harder!

3. Building your portfolio:

Having work to show is always good when applying for any position.

Use your studying time to do super cool projects to show. Try to differentiate the most from the standard exercises. So always try to do the extra mile.

4. Gaining experience:

Applying for internships would be great because it will give you the opportunity to get experience and work relationships that may be useful in the future.

5. Applying for jobs:

Leave any fear behind and just jump down the cliffs. By this time you’ll be ready to rock, so don’t get desperate, and always try to bring the coolest attitude to the interviews.

Doing things to stand out is a good idea. This means to hack the process and DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the rest.

Software developer skills to learn

Software developer skills to learn
Software developer skills to learn

1. Data Structure and Algorithms:

This is a core skill for a software developer. It’s very common that when people start studying software development, the first thing to learn is programming languages.

However, those guys who really understand the profession, know that a strong knowledge of Data structure and algorithms is mandatory to propose optimal solutions.

2. Programming languages:

There are as many programming languages as fish in the sea. However, depending on the kind of program that is being written, there are languages that suit better.

In the web world, JavaScript is the king.

For real-time applications, C++ and C are widely used.

Data Science relies on Python as its best ally.

Regarding Mobile, Swift for iOS and Java for Android are very popular choices.

3. Databases:

Having a strong grasp of databases is a vital skill for software developers because it allows them to access and operate a system where data is stored.

Data is the backbone of any software, hence software developers must ensure that databases are continually updated and secure.

It’s also important for software developers to understand how to backup databases and restore data when necessary.

This is an important skill for software developers because it allows them to maintain an organization’s data even when the primary database is inaccessible.

4. Software Testing procedures.

Software testing is an intricate process that requires a series of digital tools.

It involves using a series of digital tools to ensure that a product functions and fulfills its design requirements.

It also involves checking a program’s ability to function on different hardware devices and store confidential information.

As companies often design their testing processes based on a few critical components, it may be helpful for a software developer to understand fundamental aspects before applying to job positions.

5. Debugging

Software debugging is the process of detecting and removing programming errors in a program or system that cause it to operate incorrectly or cause a system or software program to crash.

Debugging is used to find and fix bugs or defects in a program or system.

6. Operating systems.

As programmers, we often spend a significant amount of time writing code that runs on a machine’s Operating System.

Operating Systems are complex beasts; they serve many functions, and perform many tasks, and understanding how they work is important if you want to build robust software that can function properly on a variety of hardware and software configurations.

Operating Systems are responsible for deciding which programs get access to the CPU, when and how they run, and they do so by scheduling tasks and threads using a process known as threading.

Operating Systems also provide a platform on which programs can be executed, and they do so by providing a set of core functions and services such as memory management, file system access, and inter-application communication.

7. Cloud Platforms.

Cloud platforms are a set of hardware and software components that are used to run a company’s remote database.

They can be configured in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the user and the type of data that needs to be stored.

Cloud platforms are often used to store information for multiple businesses, which means it’s important for software developers to build a skill in developing programs and applications that use cloud-based technology.

8. Source Control Manager

Source control manages changes to software and ensures that the software you develop matches the final version released to the public.

When developers make part of a team, using an SCM is a great decision.

Salary for software engineer

According to US News, the Software engineers or software developers' salaries in the states have increased significantly during the past 10 years.

Software engineer salary curve 2010 - 2020
Software engineer salary curve 2010 - 2020

This behavior has been similar to the rest of the world. Additionally, during pandemics, the salary curve got even steeper as a consequence of the acceleration in the digital transformation process carried out by several companies.

Due to the massive adoption of remote work, the high salaries, and the excess of demand for Software developers, companies in the States and Europe are now looking to other countries to recruit their talents.

Therefore, it’s strategic for software developers to speak English if they want to be able to work for companies in countries where the compensation may be higher than in their countries.

Software Developer Jobs

At this moment most of the software developers roles have plenty of opportunities on the job market. Web developers, apps developers, Desktop software developers, and firmware developers; all of these are positions that a lot of companies are looking for.

If you want to look for job opportunities, a good place to start is our Careers section. Additionally, Linkedin is a great place to get noticed about the new positions companies open around the world.

In this sense, it is a good strategy to keep your Linkedin profile updated. Education background, languages, experience, certificates, portfolio, and contact information.

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