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Software Boutique vs. Software Factory

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Software Boutique vs Software Factory
Software Boutique vs Software Factory

Nowadays, in the 4th industrial revolution era, most companies are demanding software development services. A Software Factory is a place where companies can get these services.

Software Factory

For example, if you have a Restaurant and want to offer a digital experience to your customers, looking for a software factory to build and maintain the solution is a common practice. Hence, a software factory lives on building software solutions and offering software-related services to other companies. If you search for very well-known software factories in the market, you’ll find that they have plenty of clients and hundreds (maybe thousands) of developers to attend to customers properly.

This means the process is more industrialized, therefore more constricted to be repeatable and work well for most of the clients.

Software Boutique

On the other hand, a software boutique focuses on a VIP service. Basically, the main goal is being able to offer exactly what customers want and need. This is regardless of the process is repeatable or not with other customers. Due to this tailor-made service, a software boutique looks for creating strong bonds with the clients so they keep consuming the services of the boutique during the time, creating long-term relationships.

A software boutique works awesomely when a company is looking for a strategic partner that works as part of the company’s spine. That means, despite the Boutique is providing a service, the client’s experience is like working with an in-house department without the cons this brings.

Software Boutique and Software Factory Analogies

If we make analogies with the musical instrument world, we can say that a software factory can be like Gibson or Fender. These are great brands that do an incredible job. However, if we want to have an analogy of a software boutique, Suhr would be a great example. This is an amazing brand that seeks to spoil all its clients.


Finally, it wouldn’t be fair to say that one is better than the other. With both, software factories and boutiques, companies can get great results.

What has to be considered is which service is a company looking to get so it can choose the best option for it.

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