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Recruiting Companies, An Approach From the IT World.

Updated: Jan 18

Recruitment refers to the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring, and onboarding employees. In other words, it involves everything from identifying a staffing need to filling it.

Every company in the world must undergo a talent recruitment exercise when they are growing or when they need to fill a vacancy.

Recruiting is hard work as it requires both technical and psychological assessment phases.

Many companies prefer to delegate this work to recruiting companies because of their vast experience in this field.

There are also recruitment companies for specialized areas. In this blog, we are going to focus on IT recruitment.

Why is recruiting important?

Recruitment is one of the most important processes in every company.

The heart of the corporation is ultimately the people who have the great ideas and who are capable of executing them.

A selection and hiring process must be done in a meticulous way, because if you make a mistake in the process this would bring serious consequences for the corporation such as delays in the processes or loss of money, customers, suppliers, among others.

Firstproinc says about this topic “When dealing with recruitment, remember that one wrong move can lead to years of damage. In fact, three in four companies have admitted that their business was negatively affected by hiring the wrong person as overall productivity was reduced, and time was wasted in trying to recruit and train a replacement worker. This compromised the quality of work, leading to dissatisfied clients and a loss of revenue.”

The recruitment process is also very important as it must evaluate the technical aspects, psychological consideration, references and police background.

Technical aspects:

It is important that whoever performs the technical assessment is an expert in the subject, to evaluate the capabilities of the candidate.

It is vital that whoever performs this evaluation has the ability to identify the candidate's learning capacity, since many times the desire to learn is more important than knowledge.

For doing these tests is helpful to use some of the online technical assessment tools like Testdome and test gorilla.

Testdome is one of them, their slogan is "Stop wasting time on people who look good on paper but can't do the job. Find top candidates with work-sample skill tests".

On the other hand, Testgorilla says "Our screening test identifies the best candidates and makes your hiring decisions faster, easier and bias-free".

Of course, every company also may have its technical test platform or process.

After the test is made on testdome or Testgorilla there is usually a life coding interview, this step is usually carried out by a person with an outstanding technical background, and with a lot of experience managing teams.

What do recruitment companies do?

Recruitment agencies act as the bridge between employers and employees, handling the tasks of identifying top talent, vetting candidates, and presenting the top candidates to clients.

Recruiting companies have head hunters who are experts in finding the right talent for companies, as well as having a wide network of contacts, social networks and a great networking activity that makes it easier to get the ideal employees.

According to Zippia, 2022:

  • The average cost per hire is $4,700.

  • It takes 36 to 42 days to fill an average position in the United States.


How much does recruiting agencies charge

According to, typical recruitment fees range from 15-25% of an employees’ first year salary.

Another recruiting companies have a factor that multiplies the monthly salary of the recruited employee.

For instance, a company may have a factor that is 1.5, so the charge would be 1.5 times the monthly salary as shown in the example:

Monthly Salary: $2500

Fee per employee = 1.5 x $2500

Fee per employee = $3750

How recruiting agencies work

1. Meeting with the client:

In this meeting the service agreements are presented, the time that the process may take is explained, and the costs are defined.

2. Profiling:

Once the terms of the service are accepted by the client, the type of profile required is generated. At this point, it is important to know what position is being sought, what salary is offered, where in the world it should be located or if the work can be remote, and what experience should be requested from applicants.

3. Finding the talents:

At this point the recruiting firm puts into motion all the mechanisms it possesses to get the candidates that fit the client's needs.

Recruitment companies have excellent networks of contacts, they manage in a good way the social networks, especially LinkedIn, and some have a bank with resumes from previous processes.

how recruiting agencies work

4. Interview:

Once the recruiting company has one or more candidates, the interviews begin.

Psychological interviews are done to evaluate the soft skills, and also technical tests are done to know the candidate's expertise in their field of action.

For some IT jobs, live coding interviews are conducted.

After the candidate passes all these filters, an interview with the client is done to check the feeling between the two parties and to solve any doubts about the hiring if they still exist.

5. Background check and references:

At this point the recruiting firm should review several aspects:

Police background check:

Making sure that the company is not hiring fraudsters, embezzlers, rapists, or anyone charged with any violent crime, could save everyone a lot of trouble in the long run. A criminal record check is a safety measure for companies to protect themselves as well as their employees.

Police Record means any information available in the national register or registers recording data of competent authorities, for the prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution of criminal offenses.

Family References Check:

Family reference checks offer an additional layer of protection that can not only alert you to specific incidents or red flags, but also help to identify patterns in a person’s behavior that might not be evident from professional references and criminal background checks alone.

Work References Check:

Your references are there to vouch that your experience is correct and to speak about you as an unbiased third-party. They can give a potential employer perspective on how you work, your interactions with colleagues, and explain why they found you a great employee.

Where to recruit employees.

We totally recommend you to hire your new talents using a recruiting company, it would be easier and cheaper for your company.

In Code Branch we are specialized in the recruitment of software development talent, we can help your company to find the best Colombian professionals. In case you don't have the crew for administrative and technical operations we can also provide it.


The recruitment process of companies is very important because the engine that drives companies is people. It must be carried out with great caution and intelligence.

Recruiting agencies do a great job, they work this way: they have an initial meeting with the client, generate the profile, find the talents, do a series of interviews and check references and police background.

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