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Rust is a systems programming language designed for performance and safety, particularly safe concurrency. It aims to provide memory safety without using a garbage collector, making it a suitable choice for high-performance and resource-constrained applications.

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When to use Rust?

System Programming

Rust is used for developing system-level software, including operating systems, file systems, and device drivers, leveraging its performance and memory safety features.

Embedded Systems

Rust is used in embedded systems programming for microcontrollers and IoT devices, providing low-level control, safety guarantees, and efficient resource management.


Rust is utilized to compile to WebAssembly, enabling high-performance web applications and extending the capabilities of JavaScript with safe, fast, and portable code.

Game Development

Rust is used in game development, offering performance comparable to C++ with additional safety features, and is supported by game engines like Amethyst and Bevy.

Network Services

Rust is ideal for building high-performance network services and servers, with libraries like Actix and Tokio facilitating the development of efficient and scalable networking solutions.

Command-Line tools

Rust is employed to create command-line tools and utilities, benefiting from its speed, reliability, and ease of distribution as a standalone executable.

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