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Scope Based Development

"Deliver on schedule, hidden cost free service"

With a Story Point methodology, we estimate projects’ budget and duration based on user stories. Due to our extensive experience working under this methodology we guarantee accuracy on the estimates that we present to our partners.

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Our team has been working under our Software Design Methodology  for more than 5 years, in which we have been gathering data for performance, quality and speed.

This statistic give us a high level of accuracy in our point estimation process. We are confident to work in a pay per deployed to production point model.

Our Prices Include

QA Rejection Fixes

CI Rejection Fixes

Other Acceptance Criteria Fixes

(Agreed Beforehand)

Story Points Advantages

Story points

This approach allows you to control the budget, guaranteeing to pay exactly what was quoted based on the story points per task.
Speed up or slow down your development easily increasing or reducing the amount of points you want us to accomplish on a week.
This approach avoids you to suffer delays and extra fees due vacations and bank holidays.
Count on a diverse team background for accomplishing tasks efficiently without increasing the price per story point.

Direct developers hiring

This approach may lead in extra cost due you are paying for work hours and not for task accomplishment.
If you need to speed up or slow down your developments, you will need to recruit and hire new team members or let part of your current team off. Both processes have extra cost involved.
With this approach you have to consider in your budget and deadlines the extra money and extra time due to vacations and bank holidays.
Count only with your current developers background or pay an extra fee for your team training time.