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Colombian Nearshoring

Software Development Boutique

We build and manage development teams to deliver on time and budget. 




Ongoing Software Development for B2B Marketplace

"The team is flexible and will adapt to your project management workflow and style."

Co-Founder, B2B Software Marketplace


"The team was always aware in case something didn't work as we expected so they can correct it ASAP."

Former CFO, Electrical Network Company


"The results are confidential, but we can say that it was a great success."

CEO, THE EAGLE LABS International


Software Development for Industries

We create dedicated teams of developers to accomplish our partners' goals in any industry.
Click on these industries to check some of the developments we can do. 

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About Us

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We are a Software Boutique that offers Bespoke Software Development, InfoSec, IT Consulting, and Recruitment services for third-party companies around the world.

Our headquarters are located in the Special District of Science, technology, and innovation, Medellín - Colombia.


Our team experience Developing software 

Our team has been working in software development for more than 15 years.

The use of different technologies is part of our DNA, this is due to the different characteristics of the several projects we have worked on.

Over the years, we've refined our working methodology; allowing us to be more efficient and provide high-quality products.


Our team experience
in InfoSec

Our InfoSec team members have worked in the banking, governmental, real estate, airlines, healthcare, and education sectors.

Besides SAST - SCA, our team has extensive experience in DAST and Reversing.


OSCP. Nearshore software development
OSWP. Nearshore software development
OSCE. Nearshore software development
OSEE. Nearshore software development
Puños en solidaridad

Code Branch's essence is to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with our partners.


our values. CodeBranch

We are focused on offering a high-quality service. Therefore, we have a 10 maximum concurrent client accounts policy.

CodeBrach Value promise

Our decicion is to keep ourselves as far as possible from becoming a big software factory.


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