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Kotlin is a statically typed programming language developed by JetBrains.

It is fully interoperable with Java and is designed to improve developer productivity, providing a more concise and expressive syntax. Kotlin is officially supported for Android development and has applications in various other domains.

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When to use Kotlin?

Android Application Development

Kotlin is the preferred language for Android development, offering modern syntax, null safety, and full interoperability with Java, making it easier and faster to write robust and maintainable Android apps.

Desktop Application Development

Kotlin can be used to develop desktop applications using JavaFX or other Java-based frameworks, providing a modern language with strong tooling support for building cross-platform desktop apps.

Server-Side Development

Kotlin is used for server-side development with frameworks like Ktor and Spring, enabling developers to build scalable, high-performance web applications and APIs using a concise and expressive language.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Kotlin's concise syntax and interoperability with Java make it suitable for data science and machine learning tasks, leveraging libraries like KotlinDL and integration with existing Java ML libraries.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Kotlin Multiplatform allows developers to write shared code for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, web), reducing code duplication and ensuring consistency across different versions of an app.

Scripting and Automation

Kotlin can be used for scripting and automation tasks, offering a more modern alternative to traditional scripting languages with the added benefits of static typing and Kotlin's powerful language features.

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