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C is a general-purpose, procedural programming language that provides low-level access to memory and system resources.

It is known for its efficiency and is widely used in system software and embedded programming.

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When to use C?

Operating Systems

C is used to develop operating systems like Unix and Linux, providing direct access to hardware and efficient resource management.

Game Development

C is utilized in game development for creating game engines and performance-critical components, providing the necessary speed and efficiency.

Embedded Systems

C is employed in programming microcontrollers and embedded systems, offering precise control over hardware with minimal overhead.

Database Systems

C is used in the development of database management systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL, ensuring high performance and efficient data handling.

Systems Software

C is used to write system software such as compilers, interpreters, and assemblers, where performance and low-level memory manipulation are crucial.


C is used to build network protocols and communication stacks, providing low-level access to network interfaces and efficient data processing.

Case Studies

home automation system
Connected wellness device
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